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10 Health Benefits Of Honey

One of the oldest and natural sweeteners found on our entire planet, Honey has a lot of uses and benefits. It is such a versatile substance that it can be a part of any recipe and adds great taste to a dessert which you add it to. Bees work really hard in order to make honey as they have to swallow, digest and then regurgitate nectar they pick up from flowers and vegetation. This nectar has about 600 compounds which can only be processed by bees which we seldom pay attention to. Here’s 10 health benefits of the substance bees work so hard for:

Cancer and heart disease prevention

Honey has substances called flavonoids and antioxidants which cut the risk of certain typologies of cancer and also reduces risk of heart disease.

Ulcer and gastrointestinal problem reduction

Various sorts of bacterial gastroenteritis and ulcers are problems in the human body which can be treated using honey. More information on this in the next point.

Anti- fungal and anti- bacterial

Bees add an enzyme which produces hydrogen peroxide. This adds to the honey antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Increases athletic performance

Ever since older times, there were athletes who consumed honey and dried figs which would go a long way in increasing their performance and physical ability. Even today, various studies are being conducted which prove that honey has a hand in improving the time in which an athlete recovers and also maintains glycogen levels. Interestingly, this property is much higher than any other type of sweeteners present.

Throat irritation and cough reduction

Honey generally helps with cough and cold. Buckwheat honey has a much higher quotient which helps in such conditions. Studies were conducted on 105 children, and it was found that a dose of dextromethorphan could be matched with a dose of buckwheat honey, which is a great deal as nocturnal cough lowers substantially and lets people sleep properly.

5 elements are balanced

Used for over 4000 years as Ayurvedic medicine, honey effects primitive material imbalances of the body in a positive fashion.

Regulates blood sugar

Honey contains simple sugars, which are much different and better than the white sugar we consume or even the artificial sweeteners available.

Wounds and burns get reduced

Honey is also applied locally on wounds on the skin and its application has also been helpful in conventional treatment with silver sulfadiazine. Theories exist which speculate that when sugars of simple nature dry up, it combines with honey’s antibacterial nature to produce this.

Probiotic nature

Friendly bacteria are said to be present in some varieties of honey and that too in large amounts. Namely, 6 species of lactobacilli and 4 species of bifidobacteria are found which could be the reason that honey has such great therapeutic values.

Improves immunity

A type of honey called Manuka honey would stimulate immune cells. This was confirmed by a study conducted in the school of medicine at Cardiff university in United Kingdom.

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